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ABQ Guns| Women – Veteran Owned Firearms Store that is a women friendly specializing in personal protection inside and outside the home, women’s defense, concealed carry, advice and products to help you find your solution.

In some stores, sales people will tell you a firearm is the only way to go for personal protection.  The truth is there are many dimensions to personal protection and a layered defense and preparation is the key.

We carry many other non-lethal means of defense from knives, and Pepper Spray to steel batons. Women finally have a store in Albuquerque to serve their needs. We are here to make you feel at ease by answering your questions, delivering exceptional customer service, and providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your family’s welfare and safety. Layered personal protection is the goal and we are here to help you meet that goal.

Statistics show one in four women own a firearm, but many don’t take the time to train, or understand new tactics.  This is where we can help. With so many means, methods, and solutions for enhancing your personal defense without a firearm ABQ GUNS has qualified instructors for your needs.

Albuquerque Guns is here to give you the truth and put you in contact with knowledgeable and competent trainers and consultants to achieve your goal of layered protection. There will be times when it is unnecessary to carry, not permitted, or impractical.  You can still protect yourself and your loved ones while enjoying your life and not feeling like you are instant victim.

We have partnered with Dale and Linda Perkins from Perkins Protection Training, LLC with over 35 years of experience training law enforcement, transport, military, and civilian students, Dale and Linda also provide a concealed carry class for New Mexico and Utah licenses.  Dale is also a Certified NRA consoler better known as a trainers trainer.

We have also partnered with 2010-2012-2013 three gun world champion SASS traditional Wild Bunch Kurt Carlson from Carlson Shooting Institute, LLC.  Kurt has trained military, Law Enforcement, and civilian students from 9 to over 80 years of age.  CSI also trains in several disciplines and are available for instruction from hand to hand to home defense.

Albuquerque Guns has gone to great lengths to partner with these professional trainers to provide you with the right instruction for your specific needs.

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